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Why Your Business Should Consider Advertising on Life Television

Life Television Network households are heavier consumers of most products and services...studies indicate that all viewers are not created equal.  Income, education, and lifestyle determine buying potential.  Life Television Network offers advertisers the opportunity to reach affluent, educated households with high levels of employment.

Life Television Network offers frequency of exposure... in today's overcrowded marketplace, frequency of exposure against your target audience is critical.  Life Television Network is so cost effective that it allows your business the ability to run commercials with enough frequency to reach the largest number of potential and existing customers.

Life Television Network reaches current and potential customers in SPECIFIC geographic areas...

research confirms that most customers shop within 5 miles of their home.  This immediate trading area delivers over 92% of a business' customer base.  Advertising or broadcasting on LIFE Television Network allows you to reach customers only in your immediate trading area, but ultimately reaching the world with your product, program, and/or vision.

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